Why we should use water filter device for family water source?

Household water usually uses two main sources: municipal tap water (treated water) and well water (untreated water). For city tap water at present, the water quality is unstable;  dirt & chemical sources can be attached to water pipelines pollute water sources, normal wells water is often polluted with heavy metals, impurities, toxic chemicals that is why it must treat household water.

Why treat household water?

Now many families just filter their drinking water ; and other activities like bath, water for wash vegetable, car wash…they don’t use filters  and according to Dr. Martin Fox’s research, protecting the body by drinking only clean water is not enough. enter the body through the respiratory and skin during bathing.

Meanwhile, the tap water is mostly processed using chlorine technology to disinfect. Chlorine is a good disinfectant, but it also has major disadvantages for human health. In particular, chlorine is a very difficult ingredient to control. In addition, chlorine in water combines with organic compounds to create carcinogenic substances, abbreviated as THM’s. THM’s – is considered to be able to penetrate the body during bathing and is a cancer-causing agent for the body. In addition, the tap water does not remove the hard water, the high water content is the cause of the abrasive phenomenon, equipment destruction, electricity consumption, clean laundry, hair and clothing. dry, … and many other nuisances.

Normal wells containing heavy metals such as iron, arsenic, aluminum, copper, lead, ammonium, calcium … if used water will affect health and quickly damage the equipment in the family. Because of the above reasons, it is necessary to treat the water before use for food.

Solutions for domestic water treatment.

For these water sources should use domestic water filtration system to remove heavy metals, impurities as well as toxic chemicals in water.

Currently the domestic water purification system is being sold widely in the market of our country, but there are also many units of counterfeit and imitation goods so need to find out thoroughly, and find the application. prestige, and commitments, works that the unit has ever built.

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