Why China has become a country of fake goods

The European Police Agency (Europol) recently published a report that China is increasingly emerging as a center for producing counterfeit goods, the largest counterfeit goods to sell the world, complicating the trade. Fighting against increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters.
Too many counterfeit goods, counterfeit Chinese goods
The 74-page report, published June 22, by Europol, gives a startling number of figures: Mainland China and Hong Kong make up 86 percent of the world’s counterfeit goods, earning nearly $ 400 billion in 2015, more precisely $ 396.5 billion.

Adding to the figure is that China is almost dominating the global counterfeit market: the country that ranks behind China is Ukraine, accounting for only 0.43% of the market, with a total value of $ 2 billion.

According to Europol, stealing intellectual property is “one of the most lucrative crimes”.
Everything is fake, fake, from shampoo to battery, from watch to electronics, from designer clothing to toys, from medicine to food, cigarettes.

Sophisticated counterfeiting technology is so common that customers do not doubt it. In addition, more and more labels clone the products of the world famous corporations, making it difficult to identify the brand.

“Intellectual property crimes are spreading in the EU and have a lot of negative implications,” Europol director Rob Wainwright warned. “It hurts our economy, creates huge illicit profits for organized crime groups and often causes direct harm to the population in terms of health and safety. ”

Reported that the cost of clothing and footwear consumption in Europe caused the manufacturers in this region to lose 26.3 billion euros in 2015, equivalent to nearly 10% of total revenue, and made 363 thousand This industry lost its job.

As a tough market for intellectual property, Europe is facing the challenge of counterfeiting and counterfeiting from China, especially when many of its items are now sold directly to consumers, Help the counterfeiters send products in small packages that easily cross border controls.

Europe or other neighboring countries has become a lucrative market for China after the boom of fake goods in the world’s most populous country.

Cheap bargains, the rivalry for “friends with rafts”, and business ethics, just for the profit of a part of the Chinese people whose background is the looseness of the government being Consider the underlying causes.
A Vietnamese businessman who has experience with China shares with The Epoch Times that once he went to Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair, showing a phone that looked very much like Apple’s real iPhone.

He met a manufacturer and asked if such a product infringes intellectual property rights, and whether China has a copyright law. He was told that in China, a company only needs to prove that its products have a detail that is not identical to the details of the original product and that it is not considered a copyright infringement.

That’s why there are so many cars in the streets of China that are identical in appearance to Toyota or BMW, but only to the shape and brand name of China.

“For example, the Toyota is the same model as the Camry, but it carries a different emblem, not Toyota. On the outside look at this car Camry, but the letter is not a Camry, but a Chinese word, “business people share.
In stores in China, Chinese imitation products are also popular, such as the clothes of famous European fashion brands, watches or beautiful handbags.
The question is, without the approval of the government, how can Chinese enterprises do that?

According to the businessman, the Chinese government wants to develop the economy, but they do not want to do business fairly. In the world, every business to develop products they set up R & D department, spent a lot of money to research and develop new products. But Chinese businesses do not have to spend money on R & D, but only to buy prevalent products, new samples, take the dissection to study and imitate production. Because the cost is relatively large, the price of Chinese products is very cheap, because there is no cost for the study.
China has a large market, so these manufacturers are easy to dominate the market, because not everyone needs to buy genuine, branded products. The thing that consumers are more interested in is that the product must be good, must be beautiful, but cheap.

China has not been a country of world-wide manufacture workshop any more

China has lose their belief

Talking about China’s merchandise makes people scare. The mind in the profession has made the real heartbreaking cause the whole world to be wary. For example, the Chinese milk melanin contamination or Chinese products rampant affecting the quality of goods and consumer health.


Goods difficult to export abroad
It is possible for underdeveloped countries to use Chinese goods for some reason, but for developed countries, Chinese goods will undergo quality control and reviews before they can be used. import them into their countries. When the export is difficult, the factories in China will find it difficult to source for foreign markets, so that the scale of production will not be able to develop further.


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