Introduction to Corn Harvester Machine

After years of research to help farmers grow corn with high productivity and reduce the rate of harvest losses, now farmers have chance to use this machine with 30 times the capacity of traditional harvesting methods.
The maize combine harvester is designed for corn break and ensures good quality grain, grain and cleanliness.

Reduce corn losses below 5% thanks to the following characteristics:

– The following protection grid: Designed to minimize the condition of broken corn kernels, avoid losses and minimize dirt while harvesting.

– Scraper set: T-shaped design with 310mm long index finger to increase firmness, hardness or curve while harvesting suitable for the character of the stem.

corn harvester 2

– Cross-cutter device: The legs are 200mm high to prevent the jaws from colliding with the ground

corn harvester 3

– Side protection net: Equipped to the left of the cutter to help separate the harvest, prevent the stem and fruit out, minimize losses ….

corn harvester machine 2

– Knife guard: The curvature and distance between the blade guard bars is 31mm, ensuring that the corn does not get stuck on the cutter and reduces the loss of the machine head.

knife guard

In addition to ensuring the lowest corn grain losses, the following details are included within the CK70:
– Tooth bar: Size of diameter 14mm and the distance between teeth is 110mm high durability and is suitable for fully separating the pedal.
– 4mm thick torsion bar is 10 degrees tapered to extend the beating time.
– Grain sieve: 15mm mesh sieve hole helps maize harvest beautifully and helps to keep corn grain clean after being separated.

corn harvester machine 4


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