Indoor growth leds light, new applications in agriculture

Currently, LED lights are used in cultivation, interfering in the growth and metabolism of plants is a new direction and breakthrough in the industry of electricity and light. Now, trees no longer depend entirely on sunlight, no sunlight, trees are growing and growing normally.

Knowing that, LED business has been developing in advanced countries such as USA, Japan, Israel, Singapore … ..

Malaysia Led lighting industry
Malaysia Led lighting industry

Benefits of Led  Growing Light
LED lighting has many advantages, but the most prominent feature is energy saving and increased productivity. Depending on the capacity of each bulb, most LED bulbs are very energy efficient. Led lights provide light emitting sunlight for implantation, helping photosynthesis and growth of plants to grow, helping growers be more active and easier to plant in the field where the plant is lackluster or not. have light.


Wrong use of led growth light

With indoor garden:

Incorrect use of Led lights, causing the plants, vegetables, flowers to lose color, the phenomenon of local foliage (ie, the color of the light green leaves of the leaves)


It should be replaced with LED lighting technology to prevent the loss of color of leaves and flowers.


– With garden flower stand: The ideal hanging distance from the leaf surface to the lamp is 1m, corresponding to the area that the lamp can be projected on the wall is 1m2. Lighting time is 12-14h / day.

– With vegetable garden: The distance from the lamp is from 1.3 to 1.5m, corresponding to the area of light that can be projected onto the tree is 1.5m2. Lighting time is from 10-12 hours / day.

With hydroponic gardens:

The use of non-specialized LED lights makes the plants do not photosynthesize, not to flower as desired.


It is recommended to use LEDs that have three RGB light (red, green, blue) that ensure good photosynthesis in the hydroponic environment.

Lighting time is from 10-12 hours / day.

Lights should be covered with a waterproof plastic head, avoid touching when watering plants.

With flower gardens and orchards:

Irrespective of the group of trees to choose the type of lamp and the appropriate lighting time.


Use a 620nm-660nm (red light) LED for photosynthesis and plant growth.


– For long-day plants (also known as short-night plants): Depending on the variety and depending on the age of the plant, the lighting time for trees can last from 15-21 days each, the average is 3 times / year. Each night is 5-7 hours (from 22:00 – 4:00 am).

– For short-day plants (also known as night-time plants): It is recommended to add shade to maximize the light to the tree, reduce the number of lights, protect the life of the lamp, can be gradually reduced from 10 hours to 4 hours, 2 hours / day, lasting 7-10 days.

Incorrect use of lighting time in the garden makes the “life expectancy” of trees decrease, less development.

For gardens without sunlight, two-wavelength fixed-spectrum LEDs (typically 460 nm Green and 660 nm Red) are required.

Additional lighting time for trees is 10-12h / day.

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