How to choose the best home sewing machine?

The work of sewing clothes, pillows have become so familiar and indispensable in the lives of housewives. Therefore, choosing a powerful tool to support work as a household sewing machine is essential.

But to choose the kind of household sewing machine that is good, quiet and durable work not housewife can grasp, so we decided to write this article to help the housewife in trouble and do not know how to solve

Learn about sewing machines
Sewing machine was born in the first industrial revolution and was invented by Thomas Saint in 1790. A familiar and close device in the daily life of the She maintains the main function of sewing fabrics or other materials by thread.

Sorting sewing machine
There are many famous sewing machines on the market today. The sewing machines are basically divided into 2 main types: home sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. However, not all of us can distinguish the two types of sewing machines.

sewing machine

Home sewing machines: Household sewing machines or mini sewing machines are the machines that we will introduce mainly to you in the article today. A device designed specifically for housewives can easily sew clothing, clothing and other materials such as curtains or a couch. This is a powerful tool for housewives.

Industrial sewing machine: Industrial sewing machine is a device designed specifically for factories, factories or factories, because of its industrial strength, this machine is equipped with powerful engines, The large operating force as well as the shaft, the bearings and the gear wheels are much larger than the home sewing machine.

Industrial sewing machines are assembled to handle very specific tasks, such as when sewing shirts, the machine will be assembled differently than when sewing jeans or lining.

Sewing machines are relatively complex with many different parts, each of which takes on a separate task.

Power Switch: This is the unit that is responsible for starting or shutting down the machine. Can be removed from the light control unit of the sewing machine.

Lamps: As an integral part of a sewing machine, it is responsible for providing light, which can be placed in many different locations. However, when placed near the propeller position and the needle, the illumination of the lamp is better than the other positions.

Sewing Machine: There are many different types of sewing nosepieces from the straight tip, the knitting needle, the sewing tip, and the sewing button. A skilled worker is highly skilled in the ability to combine these tips in a flexible way to produce the best quality product.

Display: Usually an LCD screen or LED display, which displays the parameters for the sewing machine operator during sewing.

Flippers: There are many different types, depending on the modern machine that will have different types of propellers. Some types of multi-purpose propellers can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as straight sewing, cross-knitting …

There are also other parts such as: pointing, tensioning, winding, handles, spare parts or reverse parts.

Buying a good home sewing machine
1. Understand your needs
What to say, we have to really consider the need as well as the purpose of use before deciding whether to buy the sewing machine or not, in case the mother runs the milk flow to buy the machine but Only use a few times that is lined up will be wasted extremely.

After understanding the needs and feel needed, we will continue to consider other criteria such as economic conditions of the family how the cost of the machine is how much, should buy the machine with the bag. many functions, bla bla …

What are the essential things that you have to consider?

2. How much is a household sewing machine?
Just like a washing machine or refrigerator, the family sewing machine is one of the most versatile items from the design to price.

3. Model

Not only the price range, but the maker of the home sewing machine is quite different. Therefore, when choosing you should choose the machine with compact design, light weight to fit the room with narrow space.

The good news is that most of the mini household sewing machines today have a very compact design with a length of only about 30cm and less than 5kg. This makes it convenient and convenient to move the machine to the location you want.

4. Material
Material is one of the important factors and directly affects the health of the user so when you choose to pay attention. The material here is the material of the outer casing and the internal components, with the outer casing preferred using ABS plastic, the internal components favor the use of stainless steel, these materials are very high grade , durable and safe with the user.

5. Power
Power determines the speed of operation of the engine, the higher engine power, the more powerful the operation of the machine. We suggest that you choose the machine with a capacity of over 50W. This is a comparable level of power as it allows the sewing machine to be operated at 800 shots per minute and over 13 samples.

6. Functions
Products in the price segment from 1.5-4.5 million are almost fully equipped with the main functions. Some functions can be described as overlock, sewing, sewing, reverse or zigzag sewing.

7. Accessories included
The accessories that we are interested in, accessories such as the thread, the screwdriver, the thread, the lock or the pedal will help us a lot in the process of use. machine.

8. Warranty regime
The average warranty period for household sewing machines ranges from 12 months. If you choose a longer warranty time, the better, because the product has a long warranty will help you peace of mind during use.

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