How to apply modern technology in agriculture

You’re living on era of technology; and the scientists have been investing new technology to change our life. You might ever heard about unmanned aerial vehicles or electronic cards for livestock are modern technologies that are being used by many countries in high-tech agriculture.

Irrigation application on Smartphone

smartphone control Irrigation

One of the important jobs of farmers is to ensure that water is suitable for crops, especially in conditions where there is no rain. The mobile application series called ‘smart irrigation’ has helped them solve this problem.

This application uses GPS positioning technology, predicts the amount of water needed for the tree, analyzes data based on weather conditions, local rainfall, and programming to provide the most appropriate water content. from time to time in the crop.

Unmanned aircraft

Unmanned aerial

Unmanned aircraft in CNC Agriculture are usually designed to be shaped like small helicopters or saucers and can be automatically activated via GPS.

On-board sensors and cameras are automatically set up for random taking a photo shot, allowing for observation of soil, water, crop conditions in the naked eye. Issue warnings when needed.

Electronic card for cattle

 Farm Livestock

Today, on many farms, people often transplant electronic cards to manage their livestock or cattle. These cards have a radio frequency identification chip, which connects to antennas placed on food trays to help keep track of how much each feed is eaten and when.

Usually, when cattle change their diet, it is a sign that their health is not good enough. Similarly, people insert a counter into their ankles to see how long they have been walking or standing. This is a fairly important sign that the cow is hot and can also indicate problems. about the health of the cow.

Understanding the health status of cows, especially when cows with diseases such as foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, infectious disease … have a very big thoughts, help farmers can isolate and treat on time, and it does not affect the entire herd.

LED growth lights technology

LED growth lights

We know that light has a lot of impact on the growth rate of plants and animals.

Therefore, LED technology is used to adjust the light suitable for plants and animals according to time, in order to stimulate growth, increase nutritional value, reduce nitrate levels in fruits and vegetables. , or to plant seeds, attract insects that damage crops, illuminate the lead in fishing, change the biological rhythm to stimulate the growth of animals …

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