Guide to choose a Concrete road cutting machine

Concrete road cutting machines play an important role in the construction, not only makes the concrete work process quick but easy, but also contributes to the liberation of human labor. Depending on the type, origin and design of the concrete cutter is divided into many types such as: gasoline concrete cutter, electric concrete cutter, portable concrete cutter and calf cutter. trolley … So how to choose a cheap concrete cutter but still ensure the quality, needs and purpose of each project

Concrete road cutting machines

If you want to use concrete road cutters in your home, in small spaces, electric concrete cutters will be the best choice. The common feature of electric concrete cutters is that they are compact, easy to use, quiet and quiet. In particular, this type does not cause dirt, gasoline such as gasoline concrete cutter, ensure health and environmental protection.
Also, gasoline-powered concrete cutters are suitable for use in cutting concrete roads or in large, outdoor spaces, and in large workplaces. This machine is especially suitable in the field far from residential areas, highland, remote areas where no electricity flows.
For small houses, small structures, concrete surfaces that need to be cut thin, you should use hand-held concrete cutters. This compact, gasoline or electric engine is suitable for cutting small and small concrete parts in small spaces.

Trolley Concrete road cutting machines

Trolley concrete cutters, also known as flat cutters or road cutters, are large concrete cutters used to cut large, flat concrete blocks such as asphalt. Trolley concrete cutters are equipped with diamond cutters and large gasoline engines for maximum efficiency. This type of road surface cutter has high mobility, the machine size is relatively large, suitable for outdoor working environment, large space, mainly for the work of patching the road, plumbing system. , canals, drainage. Trolley concrete cutter has many advantages over hand-held concrete cutters: diamond cutters for fine, straight and fine cutters, self-injecting cutters for blade protection. Cutting, limiting cement dust and cutting efficiency faster.

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