Chinese billionaires on Forbes drop the assess after Trade War of Trump

Maybe China now has hit the worst period of time when Donald trump continue apply new tax on imported goods

Let’s go though list on Chinese Billionaires on Forbes. It’s easy to realize that real time assess of Chinese Billionaires have been dropping down dramatically

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Broken dream of China

Never “the dream of China” becomes as distant as it is now. Can not have the “silk” in doing snatching, cheating and stealing (technology). The phrase … selfish – says the former Soviet Communist Party Gorbachev, revealing the “propaganda and lies” of Communism. And it was time for the glass to appear.
The Chinese society is in turmoil both in business and in the internal politics of the government. American and western slogans were removed in Chinese newspapers. Image polished to the king throughout life Xi Jinping was also removed on the street. All in order to avoid making Donald Trump … indulgent.

The stock market is like the lifeblood of a nation’s economy. Blood vessels are “stuffed”, cut off, the body will … stroke. Take a look at the stock market display of blood vessels in China and continue to ramp without braking for weeks, engraving the future of China. Do not wait too long. Just less than a month since Donald Trump declared war on China, China’s economy fell to No. 3 in the world (after Japan) and will fall even deeper.

End of Sri Lanka, now to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand; African countries, and moreover, South American states … have been frustrated with their sloppy business practices, snatching up on old, outdated technologies. China’s series of “Silk Road” projects in these countries have been postponed.

In the US-China trade war, perhaps fearing to come .. (if support China), Russia has expressed a very definite attitude: turn and turn to attack aggressively Chinese.

The whole world turns away from the martial artists and steals (technology). The European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan and even Russia are on the side of the United States. These countries are also considering economic sanctions (increased tariffs on imported goods) for China.

The statement on China’s Global News Brief is just a weak response that is “representative”. Because they themselves know that there will not be enough “ammunition” – the increased tax on imported goods of the opponent, to play hand in hand with the United States during the trade war, which certainly belongs to Donald Trump.
Both economic and diplomatic signals show that the White House is ready to activate the next $ 200 billion tax increase package, adding to the $ 500 billion net worth at the end of this year.

Not as handsome, graceful as B. Clinton; The mind is not human and the reason is as sharp as B.Obama …, but the advantages of Donald Trump: Say
is doing. And in less than two years as President, D.Trump has reduced the unemployment rate of the US population to the lowest number even in the two previous presidencies combined.

Remembering that running for Clinton, Trump warned that cheap Chinese goods had stolen the employment opportunities of millions of Americans. And his first goal was to create jobs for the majority of Americans. America above all. That is the content of President Trump’s speech. Now almost half of his first term, D. Trump has fulfilled his promise to the American people before becoming president of the United States.
“I am ready to impose tariffs of up to $ 500 billion on all Chinese goods,” said Trump in an interview with CNBC Television. For political purposes, do the right thing for the country. ” He justified the style … Cowboy Texas that “we have been cheated by China for a long time …”

In March, the US Economic and Security Review Commission published 10 Chinese scams to steal trade secrets and infringe on intellectual property rights. In this list is the hacking activity of Chinese hackers to collect data technology sx (business secret) of US enterprises. In the face of this situation, US lawmakers consider Trump’s trade sanctions against China to be crucial to protecting business equity. And it’s possible that both Republicans and Democrats have all voted in favor of D. Trump in this battle against China.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2017 the volume of Chinese goods imported into the United States is more than $ 505.5 billion, compared with $ 129.9 billion of US goods imported into China. This means that the US trade deficit with China is more than $ 375.5 billion this year. In the first five months of 2018, the US trade deficit with China was $ 150 billion.

It is worth mentioning that China has imposed an unreasonable condition for Chinese enterprises wishing to operate in China, including US firms, as a precondition: technology must be transferred to the Chinese side. This strategy is used as the basis for the “Chinese dream” in 2025. With US economists, this is a “steal” of organized crime. Because it is the largest market, the world’s most populous – 1.4 billion people, so many American presidents earlier … ignored this. However, Donald Trump thought differently and did otherwise. And Trump’s tough answer is to launch the Trade War with China.


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