Why we should use water filter device for family water source?

Household water usually uses two main sources: municipal tap water (treated water) and well water (untreated water). For city tap water at present, the water quality is unstable;  dirt & chemical sources can be attached to water pipelines pollute water sources, normal wells water is often polluted with heavy metals, impurities, toxic chemicals that is why it must treat household water. [Read more…]

Accuracy when using laser cutting technology for production

Precise laser cutting is a relatively new industrial machine manufacturing process and has quickly become popular in a variety of industries. The removal of materials using laser technology requires the use of a computer to guide the laser, thereby effectively melting, evaporating, or blowing away the desired portion of the material. Precise laser cutting is used to form a variety of basic materials, including metals, plastics, and paper goods. [Read more…]