Application of dryers in preserving agricultural products

Industrial dryers are used in many fields ranging from seafood processing to pharmaceuticals; Especially this product has brought about an effective solution to help preserve agricultural products effectively and save time as well as cost.agriculture drier
Advantages of farm dryer compared to traditional methods
Agricultural dryer is a specialized equipment for drying agricultural products in the process of processing based on the principle of circulating hot convection gas
In the past, when traditional dryers were not available, traditional methods such as drying, coal furnace, firewood were used. This approach was quite limited due to the heavy dependence on weather, Heavy and time-consuming labor can not ensure food safety and hygiene as well as control the quality of products, which can lead to uneven quality.

Agricultural dryer produced a new solution to dry agricultural products, solved the limitations of traditional methods:
– The industrial dryer can quickly dry the farm products in a short time, saving energy for the operator
– It is easy to control the temperature, ensuring the quality of the product is consistent
– When using agricultural dryer, it can reduce moisture content while still maintaining the nutritional value, so the farm produce is higher.
– Although the machine runs on electricity, but the power consumption of the machine is very low, so you save money
Today’s agricultural dryer is designed with a neat, durable structure that can be used to dry large quantities of farm produce. This approach ensures food safety, protects consumers’ health, protects the environment, and does not emit any polluting gases such as conventional dryers.

agricultural dryers

How are agricultural dryers used?
Currently, not only agricultural products but other types of seafood and seafood also use this type of dryer. The machine is versatile
– Drying agricultural products: coffee, dried peppers, dried mushrooms …
– Drying dried seafood such as dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid …
– Drying medicinal herbs, medicines such as jasmine, rose, other medicinal plants
– Used in the processing of products such as cereals, flour, milk powder …

How to choose agricultural dryer?
When choosing to buy a farm dryer you need to pay attention to the purpose, nature, characteristics of the material you will be drying. Since each product has different properties and requirements for moisture content as well as drying time, temperature limit …

Choose a machine with a volume and capacity appropriate to the volume of agricultural products you need to dry to optimize costs, because if you choose too large capacity machine will cause waste, and the capacity of the dryer is too small. achieve the required

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